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How ‘bring your own cloud’ could kill BYOD | ZDNet

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While doing some research into bring your own cloud I came across the following article



It is an interesting look into the security implications personal cloud services bring to the table in an enterprise. The best advice I can give someone evaluating this risk is to treat it with policy and education rather than bluntly banning the service. It is important for your staff to know when it is appropriate to use these services and when it is not. A key component in this is your information classification policy and your staffs understanding if it.


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How ‘bring your own cloud’ could kill BYOD

Summary: Personal cloud services are convenient, inexpensive, always available, and on the brink of destroying the entire BYOD movement.

By Ken Hess for Consumerization: BYOD | January 18, 2013 — 19:57 GMT

How many personal cloud services can you name? If you can name more than five without performing an Internet search, then you clearly see the problem. But it’s not in the sheer number of personal cloud options that presents a problem, it’s their availability that does. Personal cloud services provide their users with an excellent avenue for storing files off-device for greater protection, automatic backup, and constant availability. However, these services are as great a detriment as they are an asset for BYOD dabblers. This new, “Bring Your Own Cloud” (BYOC) presents its unique set of problems for companies that want to adopt BYOD programs.

From the corporate viewpoint, personal cloud services provide another way for users to compromise security by storing important documents and data outside the company’s walls. And that also means that those files are outside the control of corporate security.

In short, it’s%2

via How ‘bring your own cloud’ could kill BYOD | ZDNet.


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