E|Net Connects With Strencom For Network Reliability

As the designated operator of Ireland’s MAN infrastructure, e|net provides wholesale broadband connectivity to almost 100 towns and cities nationwide, opening up remote regions of the country for multiple Tier 1 carriers who would not otherwise be able to do business in these locations. In turn, the carriers can offer broadband services to companies and organisations in these areas.

With so many telecoms carriers and businesses relying on the network, any interruption to e|net’s service would have serious implications.

“We’re expected to perform faster and better than a residential service provider, so we need a solution that works and a partner that can back up the services that we sell to make the overall MAN project work,” says David Magee, e|net’s Network Architect.

Recognising the importance of providing a reliable service, e|net uses a separate monitoring network provided by a third-party telecoms partner to monitor connectivity of the 90 co-location facilities that cover the infrastructure around the country. The main function of the monitoring network is to give adequate warning to e|net if its service is suffering from an outage, limiting the negative impact any downtime could have.


While reliability of the MAN programme is crucial to its success, e|net was also keen to control the operating costs
of its monitoring network. Originally e|net’s third-party telecoms partner had built the monitoring network on MPLS
using leased lines for the last-mile connectivity to each co-location facility. Though reliable and effective, the network’s use of leased lines made it costly to run. In talks with Strencom, e|net began to explore how Strencom’s
Private ADSL solution — which uses Strencom’s MPLS Cloud Connect network and ADSL for the last mile — could
maintain the high standards of the e|net network, and deliver significant cost savings.

When the monitoring network contract came up for renewal, e|net invited Strencom and its existing provider to tender for the business. Magee was impressed by the Strencom proposal.

“Strencom brought extra to the table. They brought their technical capabilities and their expertise in deploying this
type of solution to other customers. We were very comfortable moving to Strencom, and we understood that we
were going to get an operator-class infrastructure that would meet our requirements. And on top of that we got
huge operational savings by using the Private ADSL solution,” he explains.


 Pro-active service provides reassurance
Strencom monitors the e|net network in real-time, 24/7. If an e|net site becomes unreachable, Strencom alerts e|net within a specified timeframe, detailing the outage and the reasons for the problem. “What we have with Strencom is a pro-active carrier, providing a fully managed service. They add real value; they get on to us and tell us what’s going on instead of us trying to chase down the problem,” explains Magee.

 Fit-for- purpose network delivers operational savings
Replacing a monitoring network that used costly leased lines for the last mile, Strencom’s Private ADSL solution delivers operational savings of between 40% and 50%, while meeting all of e|net’s needs.

 Creative solution boosts diagnostic capability
A separate analogue modem adds an extra layer of support to the Strencom solution. In the event of an outage at one of e|net’s sites, Strencom uses the modem to diagnose the fault; failure to connect to the modem indicates a potential power cut at the site, an urgent issue that necessitates an engineer visit. “Fault resolution was a lot faster because instead of doing a ‘truck roll’ where engineers had to go to the site to respond to every outage, Strencom were able to diagnose the problem remotely and see if it was a true ADSL fault or a fault at the site. This has produced significant savings,” says Magee.

 Service portal offers real-time network visibility
A dedicated Strencom customer portal means e|net can log on to check the health of the monitoring network in real-time. The network not only monitors cabinet connectivity, but also carries CCTV footage from the on-site security cameras. All data related to the monitoring network – how busy the router has been, how it’s performing, what uptime has been and the amount of CCTV traffic it has carried – is readily available to e|net 24/7, providing complete visibility.

e|net’s move to a Private ADSL solution has been an effective one that has delivered significant benefits, according to Magee.

“While the operational savings are significant, the other key benefit is how we interface with Strencom. The huge advantage for us is that we can get to the right people if and when we have to, and they are very pro-active with how they monitor the service, as well,” he says.

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